You’ll Now Find Me In An Exciting New Lifestyle Magazine

September 14, 2010 by  
Filed under Features & Editorials

One of the largest motivators behind my move into freelancing was to broaden the number of titles I work with and give myself greater variety. Helping to build TrustedReviews gave me immense pleasure (you’ll still find my features there twice per week) but more than 5,000 news stories over five years is a lot!

So in addition to my ongoing work with the BBC and Wired you’ll also now find me in Verve, a brand new luxury lifestyle magazine from Bright Publishing. It will run quarterly with a focus and travel and technology and it is the latter where I come in. I’ll be covering the latest and greatest products and answering readers’ queries in a Q&A section. In the launch issue I’m comparing the world’s best (and most expensive) 3D TVs.

What attracted me to Verve and, in my opinion, what makes it different is it will be targeting the premium end of the market in a particularly interesting way. Verve is appearing in first class travel lounges at the UK’s 3 key London airports as well as seatbacks on selected first class flights and all Eurostar first class carriages and lounges. It’s ambitious too with a day one controlled subscription of 250,000 copies.

Sadly since Verve is a magazine to read my content you do have to read the magazine, but you can find more info here and be sure to look out for it the next time you’re taking a trip!