Apple iPod shuffle (3rd Generation)

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Apple’s smallest ever MP3 player is also possibly its most controversial – and this is why…

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iPod shuffle 3rd Generation

iPod shuffle 3rd Generation

Just the Bad Points Review: iPod shuffle (3rd Generation)

  • Removal of on-player controls renders your existing third party earphones/headphones useless without cost of a separate adaptor
  • Positioning of inline controls on the new earphones is just below the chin, not ideal during exercise
  • Positioning of inline controls on adaptor too low with existing third party earphones
  • Clip and on-player controls of its predecessor meant you could position them wherever convenient
  • Reduced battery life (10 hours compared to 12 hours on 2nd generation shuffle)
  • No display unlike all major rivals in its price range
  • No track selection functionlity
  • No FM tuner as on rivals
  • No voice recorder as on rivals
  • VoiceOver text-to-speech prone to mispronunciation
  • Heralded minimalist design is surely just an aluminium coated memory key
  • Improved 4GB storage still only half that available on some rivals
  • Requires new iTunes download
  • Were adding 5mm to its height, dropping 10mm in width, 2mm in depth and 5 grams in weight from shuffle 2G worth all this?
  • Price (£59) is a lot more than an 8GB Sansa Clip (£39) which also has a display, FM tuner, voice recorder, track, album, artist and playlist selection, 15 hours of battery life and drag and drop content