Windows Phone Beta (WM 6.5)

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While businesses still hold loyal to Windows Mobile there is no doubt it has lost end user credibility in recent years. So is the latest edition more than a fancy piece of rebranding?

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Just the Bad Points Review: Windows Phone Beta

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Not the Upgrade We Were Looking For...

Not the Upgrade We Were Looking For...

  • Underneath Windows Phone is still built upon the same core as Windows Mobile 5, this is evolution not revolution
  • The majority of changes are superficial designed to make it more finger friendly, such as the ‘honeycomb’ homescreen
  • Despite this you are all too quickly back into Windows Mobile 6.1 layouts requiring use of a stylus (HTC has done better skinning with TouchFLO)
  • Poor design: permanent vertical scroll bars remain eating up precision screen real estate despite touch & rocker scrolling
  • IE Mobile may render pages better (and with Flash support) but the layout is still clumsy and fills up too much of the screen
  • Windows Mobile Player has no Zune integration and no improvements from 6.1 making it just as useless and limited in codec support as its predecessor. This is not a natively media friendly operating system
  • No multi-touch support
  • Performance is slow with scrolling (particularly on the homescreen) choppy and apps slow to load (let’s hope this gets ironed out before the final release)
  • No support for capacitive touchscreens as seen in the iPhone 3G, T-Mobile G1 and exciting Palm Pre, meaning a restriction to more imprecise and less responsive resistive touchscreens only
  • The bigger onscreen virtual keyboard is troublesome because of this restriction
  • Microsoft won’t offer Windows Mobile 6.1 users an update to Windows Phone directly, the decision is left to each individual network provider
  • Windows Phone isn’t scheduled to arrive until Q4 2009 which means it will arrive after the Palm Pre, second generation Android handsets and the third generation iPhone

Windows Mobile 6.5 Screenshots

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Could Microsoft really be about to serve up something this 2006 as it’s next generation 2009 smartphone OS? Please Redmond, don’t undo all the good will you earned from Windows 7 so fast…

A face only a Ballmer could love?

A face only a Ballmer could love?